Targeted Protein Degradation

Transformational therapeutic solutions to eliminate disease-causing proteins


Endotarget is a biotechnology company developing a Targeted Protein Degradation platform.

Diseases such as cancer, inflammation, and neurodegeneration are rooted in the disruption of protein homeostasis and function. Small molecule drugs, the standard of care for most pathological conditions, work to modulate the function of disease-causing proteins by inhibiting the protein’s enzymatic activities. This therapeutic modality requires high affinity binding and sustained drug exposure for efficacy, limiting to targets with active binding site, and often insufficiently blocking the protein function. Targeted protein degradation instead aims to destroy disease-causing proteins through substoichiometric catalysis using the innate cellular machinery.

Endotarget is developing novel small molecule therapeutics that harness the body’s own natural protein disposal system (the ubiquitin proteasome system) to selectively and efficiently degrade and remove disease-causing proteins. We focus on high impact targets, identifying clinically validated biological pathways with key nodes or proteins that drive the pathogenesis of multiple serious diseases with limited or no known treatment options.


Targeted Protein Degradation (TPD) is a new powerful therapeutic modality which harnesses the body’s natural cellular recycling machinery – the ubiquitin proteasome system (UPS) – to degrade or eliminate disease-causing proteins. The UPS comprises a series of finely orchestrated sequences involving critical enzymes called E3 ubiquitin ligases (E3 ligases) which direct the “tagging” of unwanted proteins with a molecule called ubiquitin. Importantly, we can chemically co-opt this innate cellular process using novel heterobifunctional molecules to direct the UPS toward specific disease-causing proteins. Specifically, TPD can target proteins without a catalytic function such as scaffolding proteins and transcription factors using small molecule-like drugs that can potentially be dosed orally and distributed systemically, unlike oligo-based therapeutics like RNAis.



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